Day One: Flying, Flying, Flying

March 08, 2016

I've never been on a trip like this before. Not this long, not this far. So there are a lot of new experiences. Luckily I have more experienced travelers with me.  Kind of.

Turns out I was on a different first leg of the flight then the rest of my group. So the trip to Tokyo was solo.  And delayed.  So now I'm spending the night in Tokyo.  At least I get to check Japan off the list of places I've visited.

Wsp8818 Wsp8818

The lobby of my hotel. Obviously mostly used by those in between legs of a journey.

Not that I'll be doing much here.  I got a free dinner and I'll get a free breakfast in the morning, then it's off to the airport to head to Vietnam and hopefully not run into any more snags.  

The convenience store didn't even have any weird versions of Kit-Kats.  At least I get the tiny room and elaborate toilet, so I can check those stereotypes off my list.  Next time I'll for sure have to stay for more than a single forced night.

2016 03 09 19 43 34 2016 03 09 19 43 34

My mini-room.

2016 03 09 20 39 04 2016 03 09 20 39 04

Toilets shouldn't have buttons.