Ha Long Bay: Caves, Mist and a Pottery Village

March 13, 2016

So, I may not have been properly prepared for this weather. No one on our trip really was.  While still beautiful, Ha Long Bay ended up being very misty, and thus very chilly.

Wsp9494 Wsp9494

Not a blue sky, but still beautiful.

Half of our day was spent on our bus heading to the bay. We made one stop at a place where they made silk tapestries (don't worry Mom, I got you one,) but the rest was just riding and watching the countryside.

Once we reached the bay we took a tender to our boat and set out. Lunch was tasty, then time take a ton of photos.

Wsp9588 Wsp9588

At least the fog was good at adding depth.

Wsp9607 Wsp9607

Boats filled the bay. It was actually hard to get shots without them.

After some time shooting photos and getting set up in our cabins, we took the tenders to a beautiful cave.

It was much bigger than I expected, with well over the 150 steps they said before we started. It was worth the hike though.

Wsp9636 Wsp9636

My cousin David doing his best Gollum to protect his beers.

Wsp9715 Wsp9715

My uncle John enjoying the caves.

Wsp9730 Wsp9730

The caves were very well lit, and huge.

Wsp9747 Wsp9747

My cousin David finishing his half of the "six-pack cave".

Wsp9779 Wsp9779

My uncle John returning to the boat.

The rest of the night was a bit of a wash. Once the sun went down, the cold really sapped the life out of you.

The next morning there was another small cave, this time leading to a cool little lake. And monkeys!

Wsp9906 Wsp9906

Coming into the lake.

Wsp9982 Wsp9982


After that it was back to shore, and back on the road. We headed to catch out flight to Da Nang, stopping in a small pottery village on the way.

Wsp0114 Wsp0114

Making caskets for the second burial.

Wsp0155 Wsp0155

So much wood for the kilns.

Now I'm standing in line for the flight to Da Nang. It should be much warmer once we get to the central highlands.  Til then...