LEGO Build: The SHIELD Helicarrier

August 16, 2016

Yes, I'm finally updating again!  Hopefully there will be a few more posts here in the future.  I have some photos from some trips I want to show off.

But first I wanted to take a minute and show off some toy stuff.  As an avid fan of both LEGO and Marvel, I was lucky enough to get the SHIELD Helicarrier as a birthday gift from my brother last year.  It sat in my living room unopened for entirely too long because I wanted to make a video of the whole build process since I knew it would take some time.

Finally, a few months ago, I finally did just that.  I laid out everything on a table in my dining room, set up my GoPro and went to work. All in all, it took me about 10 hours over 4 days.

It's really a neat build.  The rotors all spin using a crank at the back, but they can be (and are in my version) hooked up to a LEGO motor and battery to spin on their own.

It comes with a set of minifigures that have their own stand as well as a set of microfigures more in scale with the actual ship.  Currently it sits on it's display stand on the top of one of the display cases in my living room.

I'd never built a LEGO set this large before, but since then I've bought a couple more I want to do build videos on including the Ghostbusters Firehouse and WALL•E.

Take a look below for some closer pictures of the final build.