On the Way to Huế: Marble Mountains, Buddha, and Bunkers

March 15, 2016

Today we took the long drive to Hue from Hoi An, over and through a couple of mountains.

The first stop along the way was a marble craftsman. It was pretty cool to see how the pieces were made. Some of them were huge.

Wsp0546 Wsp0546

Working on a Lady Buddha.

Wsp0551 Wsp0551

Wet polishing.

Wsp0556 Wsp0556

Big Buddha.

Next it was across the street and into the Marble Mountains to some Buddhist temples, including one built into a cave.

Wsp0555 Wsp0555

Into the mountains.

Wsp0567 Wsp0567

The shrine of a monk.

Wsp0579 Wsp0579

Cave Buddha.

Wsp0586 Wsp0586

Beautiful Buddha.

Wsp0598 Wsp0598

Some of the group on the long steps down from the mountain.

Then it was up to the top of Hai Van pass.  It was a long way through, but so high that were were surrounded by clouds at the peak.

Wsp0606 Wsp0606

The veterans in an old bunker.

Wsp0612 Wsp0612

Dylan playing solider.

At the bottom of the mountain we stopped for lunch at a resort along the ocean.

Wsp0620 Wsp0620

Good lunch view.

We pulled into our hotel around 4.  After getting comfortable and grabbing some dinner, we're ready for tomorrow.  More then!