52 Review: Week 3

January 22, 2019

With my usual Monday D&D, a short walk in the city, and a trip to Wisconsin this weekend I ended up with a lot of photos to choose from.

A little over a year and a half ago I started playing D&D Adventurer’s League at my local game store, Dice Dojo. The past 4 or so months I’ve been going just about every Monday I can. This past week I decided to get my camera out and capture some of the action. I've really enjoyed playing and love the tableau the miniatures create as we battle. Mine is the green one towards the left, an Elf Druid. I painted him myself.

On Thursday I went to Sketchfest at Stage 773 to see some friends perform and on the way I snapped a picture outside a coffee joint. I really liked the way the neon came through the window and lit everything else up around it.

Friday night we left for Madison so we could be in Prairie Du Sac Saturday morning for their yearly Bald Eagle Watching Days. The city sits along the Wisconsin River just south of a dam, so the water stays open throughout the winter. This, along with forested banks and mounds for sleeping make for a perfect area for the bald eagles to winter. Growing up bald eagles were my favorite animal, so I always love going to see them when I get the chance.

The day started off with a live birds of prey show. We got to see a red tail hawk, a great horned owl, a turkey vulture, a peregrine falcon, and of course a bald eagle. We got front row seats so I managed to get a lot of great shots. It was hard to choose which one was my favorite.

After the show we grabbed a quick lunch before gathering on the shores of the river to watch something truly special. A local rehabilitation center released an adult bald eagle back into the wild. A few months previous the eagle had been found on a local farm suffering from lead poisoning. Currently lead poisoning is the leading cause of death for bald eagles, it usually comes from lead shot in an animal the eagle scavenges meat from.

After a short ritual performed by a local Native American tribe (I think the Ho-Chunk), the eagle was released back into the wild. It was so cool to see it take to the air and be free.

I've decided to start posting a gallery of photos for weeks that I have a lot I'd like to show off. While I've discussed a lot of my faves here, more photos from this week can be found in this weeks gallery.